Coos County students learn from the pros at emergency services academy

Emergency services academy at Coos Bay Fire Department, Sept. 8, 2017. (SBG)

COOS BAY, Ore. -- From saving lives to extinguishing fires, students interested in emergency services are getting a chance to learn from the professionals.

The Coos Bay Fire Department is hosting an academy for students.

Eight college students interested in pursuing careers in emergency services are attending the academy.

The students apply to the program and are chosen to participate by the fire department.

"You help people every single day, every time somebody calls for you for your job you're going to help someone and there's no better feeling than that because, every time you go somewhere, we're usually making someone's day better, and that why I want to become a firefighter paramedic," said student-in-training Zach Breitkreutz.

"I want to be pediatric nurse and my niece has a congenital heart defect, so she's been through a lot of surgery since she was born,” said student Tessa king. “I've seen a lot of good nurses, like really good nurses, and a lot of not so good nurses, so I kinda want to be a more positive asset in that field."

The student training schedule includes classroom time and hands on emergency training drills.

The four-week academy takes place at the Coos Bay Fire Department.

Some of the skills students learn include how to make entry into a fire and how to ventilate a roof during a blaze.

If you're is interested in participating, call the Coos Bay Fire Department and they'll let you when the next academy is being held.

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