Coos County teen suicides prompt community action

COOS BAY, Ore. -- In the wake of the suicide of a Coos Bay eighth grader, A group of community members are working to prevent another tragedy.

The group is organizing a teen suicide prevention and awareness march.

It will be a rally for something this community knows all too well.

Sean Michael Stevenson, a co-organizer, says the death is not the first teen suidice to happen lately. "Four children in the last six weeks have committed suicide between the two high schools," he said.

Stevenson and Beth Keller are planning a rally to shed light on the problem and provide hope to those who need it most.

They're using social media to get more people involved. "We're just trying to make a difference, you know, bring the community together to help the grieving processes for families around the community," Stevenson said.

The group is posting flyers and inviting guest speakers to share their stories of loss, bullying and regret.

"There's help out there, there's people that care, there's people that have been in their spot," Keller said. "I've been in their spot."

Keller says she wants to form a mentoring program to start a new cycle of positivity. "I just think that people don't know that there's outlets or that people care anymore, I think we need to wake up the community and start showing them that we do care."

The march will be Sunday, March 2, starting at noon at the boardwalk.