Coquille River at flood levels, city park flooded

COQUILLE, Ore.-- Recent rains have been causing major flooding across the Coquille River Valley.

Many farm fields and areas close to the Coquille River are experiencing major flooding.

Shortly after the rains began Monday, the National Weather Service in Medford issued a flood warning for the Coquille River at Myrtle Point and Coquille, but later cancelled it for the Myrtle Point area.

Coquille City Manager Ben Marchant said the city is ready for this type of flooding and the impact is small.

"This isn't something that is unusual," Marchant said. "We were prepared for this, and this is what we are used to."

Marchant said in addition to the flooding near the river, crews were also ready to deal with falling trees that were blown down by high winds during Monday's storm.

"If people see any branches or down power lines, please call 911, and we will have it taken care of," Marchant said.

Local residents are asked to stay out of the river not only because of the high current full of debris, but also because Coquille will open its sewer system during heavy rains to help their storm drainage system cope with the extra burden.

"When we do that, raw sewage flows into the river, and we try to notify everyone to stay out of the water," Marchant said.

Coquille is currently buidling a new sewage plant that, hopefully in the future will reduce the city's need to let raw sewage flow into the river.

In addition to raw sewage, many branches that have blown off trees were flowing down the river at a very high speed.

Oregon Department of Transportation teams spent most of the day on Tuesday removing a large pile of debris that had built up under a bridge.

The team loosened the pile and then let the debris flow down stream in chunks.

But Coos County isn't the only one experiencing flooding.

Reports out of Curry County have been just as bad. An RV park was underwater and hillsides had become waterfalls with the heavy rains.

More rain is expected in the forecast in the next coming days so conditions improving soon are highly unlikely.