Coquille schools meet with parents on reconfiguration plan

COQUILLE, Ore. -- Coquille school officials are still mulling over the possibility of a reconfiguration, which would possibly send the middle school kids to the high school.

A meeting in Coquille saw quite the crowd of parents and students concerned over just who will walk the halls of the high school in the future.

Dozens of parents were given a tour of how 7th and 8th grade students would fit into the high school.

Jeff Philley, Coquille High School's principal, says they plan to create two separate schools, all housed in one. "Junior high and high school kids that have separate restrooms, I also want them to have their separate identity," Philley said. "I want junior high kids, they're not high school kids, I want them to have their own culture and I want, when you come into high school to have a different culture."

There have been concerns over combining the two age groups and class scheduling.

School administrators told parents their children would be supervised, and separate.

Local parent Amanda Taylor says she would rather see a different outcome. "They took the time to explain to us parents how things would work," she said. "I think it will be safe, I would prefer to go to a K-8 model, but that's just not feasible with the numbers we have."

School administrators say a decision has yet to be made, and they will continue to hold these public forums to solicit more input from parents.