Coquille's new pool open in time for summer

COQUILLE, Ore.-Kids were finally able to take a dip in Coquille's new community swimming pool Tuesday.

Construction took eight years of planning and over $2 million, but for many it was all worth it.

"It has finally come to fruition and I am just so excited for this town and all of the people we had working for us were so wonderful, our contractors, everybody that has gone through this," Judy Gederos, Coquille's Pool Committee member said.

The drama building the enormous project continued right up until Monday evening. A nonprofit organizing the pool effort miscalculated the funding for the pool by $130,000 and the city council was forced to foot the bill using a special fund. The fund just so happened to be designated for projects at the community center.

"Ms. Reedman who lived in Coquille for many many years had made a donation to the city of about $2 million. And the city is able to spend the interest specifically for the library and the community building, this services here," Chuck Dufner, Coquille Finance Manager said.

The new pool will have adult swim hours, classes and aerobics, but the biggest highlight is the windy-red slide. There are even plans for Zumba swim classes and night hours.

"I have been here all day. I went swimming first thing this morning because I just couldn't wait," Gederos said.

The pool committee will be holding a grand opening party July 14.