Could Oregon Seafoods set up in the Hollering Place?

COOS BAY, Ore. -- A local company wants to do some expanding, and they are looking for the public to weigh in on where that happens.

The Hollering Place in Empire is a historic Coos Bay landmark. In 2008 the city came up with a master plan for the area, but have yet to develop.

One local business, Oregon Seafoods, is now looking to expand.

Oregon Seafoods in Coos Bay recently outgrew its processing plant.

The company has approached the city about the possibility of developing at the Hollering Place site.

Rodger Craddock, Coos Bay City Manager, says the business offers a unique perspective on food distribution. "Oregon Seafoods can process their products and also give people an opportunity to come watch, and see how the products are processed and packed, and provide them an opportunity to sit down and have a meal," he said.

Mike Babcock says the company has not made any final decisions, but officials with the city are optimistic. "I think the city is very intrigued," Craddock said.

Oregon Seafood says nothing is set in stone, and they would still like to hear from the community. Public comments will be heard following the city council meeting on July 2.