County bridge not the same design as one that collapsed

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- After an Interstate 5 bridge collapsed last week in Washington, some people are wondering: What about the bridges in Coos County?

When the McCullough bridge opened back in 1936, it was the longest bridge in Oregon.

Officials say the bridge in Washington is known as a 'Truss Bridge,' while the McCullough Bridge has a completely different design.

It's known as a 'Canti-lever bridge,' which relies on entirely different support mechanisms than the one in Washington.

There were fears that the McCullough Bridge was in danger of collapsing back in 1986, when the Swedish ship The Elgaren struck the bottom of one of the center spans.

The bridge was closed for nearly a month while inspections and repairs were made.

As for the current construction on the bridge, Knife River told KCBY News they are not making any structural changes to the bridge right now, and are only replacing siding and sidewalks on both ends of the bridge.

As for oversized loads on the bridge, officials from ODOT say restrictions vary depending on what is being hauled over the bridge.

Officials add that anything which has the potential to damage the bridge is monitored.