County in Oregon to require gender-neutral bathrooms

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Oregon's most populous county is requiring gender-neutral bathrooms be included whenever a county-owned building is constructed or renovated.

Multnomah County board Chairman Jeff Cogen signed the executive order Tuesday.

He says Multnomah is among the first local governments in the nation to have such a rule. It was patterned on legislation recently approved by the city of Philadelphia.

Cogen says the move to include single-occupancy bathrooms will make life better for transgender county employees who are uncomfortable using men's and women's restrooms. Some have told county officials they rush home at lunch to use the bathroom, or hold it in all day.

Cogen says the single-occupancy toilets will be a plus for parents who visit county buildings and don't want to use a crowded bathroom when changing a child's diaper.