County looks to own Bastendorff Beach

BASTENDORFF BEACH, Ore.-- Coos County Commissioners are hoping to take the ownership of Bastendorff Beach out of the hands of the Federal government.

Coos County Commissioner Cam Parry told KCBY earlier this month that the county would like to take ownership of the beach since it already plays a vital role in maintaining it.

Right now the beach is owned by the U.S. Interior Department's Bureau of Land Managment- Coos Bay Division. According to BLM officials, county commissioners have expressed intrest in acquiring the deed to Bastendorff Beach.

Currently, Coos County Parks owns the land up the hill and adjacent to the beach, and since the park is so close to the beach, Coos County has been assisting the BLM in maintaining and patrolling the beach for crime.

"Coos County and the BLM have been co-managing the site for several years now, and it just seems like it makes a lot of sense for the county to own the site," said Megan Harper, BLM spokeswoman.

If the county wishes to take ownership of the land, BLM and Coos County would enter into a land-lease agreement.

"It's very similar to renting to own furniture," Harper said.

Harper said for the next few years, the county would lease the land, and eventually after a while, the deed would be turned over to the county.

The BLM is very open to this transaction, she said.

"It's just a parcel of land that is out of the way from other area we currently manage," she said. "We are open to the idea of the county taking over the land, especially since they already operate the nearby park."

But how much would all of this cost? Harper said it could cost the county absolutely nothing expect for what they are already paying to maintain and patrol the beach.

"Under this act, the county could get the land at no charge as long at it uses it for recreational purposes," Harper said.

So far, commissioners have merely expressed intrest in the transaction. Harper said they have not formally filed the paperwork to begin the process.

Parry refered KCBY to Commissioner Bob Main who handles matters of this nature for the board. Main is out of town and was unable to be reached for comment.

More details are expected out in the near future.