Curry County inmates could be jailed in Coos County

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- It could be a solution to lack of funding in both Coos and Curry county: Housing inmates from both counties at the Coos County Jail.

Bob Main, a Coos County commissioner, says they are trying to look out for not only Coos County citizens, but those neighbors to the South. "We're just trying to help Curry County in their difficult times," Main said.

Difficult times call for desprate measures, and officials say they may have found a win-win for both counties. "They may be able to reduce their cost but not increase our cost, because that makes no sense for us to pay additional money out to house their prisoners," said Craig Zanni, Coos County Sheriff.

Zanni says it would cost about $700,000 dollars to house around 35 inmmates from Curry County.

That includes meals, health care, and utilitlies.

It would also mean adding more deputies. "If there's any reduction in their staff, and we would be adding to our staff, by law we would have to overtake those people," Zanni said.

Transportation isn't included in that number, and Zanni says it's hard to estimate based on different inmmate court dates.

Main says he is hoping the deal would work. "If there's a cost savings then great. If not, then at least we tried," he said.

Leaders from both counties will meet in upcoming weeks so they can lay down some numbers and see if this really is the best option.