DA: Homeowner shoots intruder who broke into home for 3rd time

WARRENTON, Ore. Police said a homeowner in the coastal community of Hammond shot and wounded a suspected burglar who was released from jail earlier this week.

Warrenton Police Chief Matthew Workman says an officer heard the shot Friday night, a few minutes after dispatchers received a call from a neighbor saying the homeowner was holding an intruder at gunpoint.

"It just got a little bit wild. There were five cop cars in a matter of, what, five minutes," said neighbor Chuck Still. "I mean they barreled in here."

When the officer went inside, he found 25-year-old Tony Tischer wounded on the floor. The officer calmed Tischer until help arrived, and he was taken to the hospital. Police said he was shot in the buttocks.

The name of the 44-year-old homeowner has yet to be released. Workman says the man gave his 12-gauge shotgun to the officer and has cooperated with investigators.

No arrests have been made.

Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis told KATU News that Tischer was jailed twice for burglarizing the same home in the past. He was released from jail because of overcrowding.

Before releasing him, a judge ordered Tischer to never go near the home again. Marquis said he doesn't know why Tischer kept returning to the same home. It's unclear if Tischer knows the residents.

"We've been in touch with his family, that's concerned about him, I think he may have some mental health or substance abuse issues," Marquis said.

KATU's Erica Nochlin contributed to this story.