DA: Man who tried to kill rival tattoo shop owner tampered with witnesses

COQUILLE, Ore. -- David Wonnacott has been in custody since early August facing several charges, one of which is attempted murder.

The attempted murder charge stems from an incident earlier this year, where police say the man tried to kill a cross-town tattoo shop owner.

He is now facing new charges that authorities say are, "conspiring with a fellow inmate in the form of handwritten letters."

The new charges arose when a deputies say they found several letters in inmate Victoria Hill's cell.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Monson says the letters were sent by Wonnacott with the intention of influencing witnesses in his case.

With the addition of two tampering with witness charges and another felon in possession of a firearm charge, Wonnacott is facing a total of 11 charges.

Victoria Hill was set to be released last Friday, but is now being held on two felony tampering charges as well.

Authorities say the jail is not letting Wonnacott to have any visitors except for his attorney.

Wonnacott's case was set for trial in early February, but with the new charges leading to a whole new case, they have to start the legal process back at square one.