Day of Caring spruces up the South Coast

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- Yard work can be tough, especially when you're elderly or disbaled.

Over the weekend, some of those people in Coos County got a little help from some generous community members at the annual Day of Caring.

Mary Maneval is the United Way's Day of Caring Chair, and she says the program is very helpful for people who can't get out and enjoy working on thier yard anymore. "There's a lot of people that love a beautiful yard and have done it themselves for many years, and just can't do it themselves anymore," she said.

The 6th annual event broke records this year, with over over 200 volunteers and 65 homes in need of a little TLC.

Spencer Gordon volunteered for the event, and says it was an eye opening experience. "The first home we went to there was a big yard, there was an elderly lady all by herself, and it took eight of us about two hours to finish," Gordon said. "So, for her to do it by herself, it's pretty crazy to try accomplish that on her own."

It's a dilema that Maneval says is far too common. "We can probably do a 150 projects in the day if he had enough volunteers, constantly getting calls, even up to the day that we're doing it," she said.

It's about bringing buisnesses, non-profit groups and families together all in a days work. "It seemed like a great opportunity to get out and help people, and to see ways to unite the community and everything, and help those people who need the help," said Gordon.