Deal for alleged child predator angers parent

COQUILLE, Ore.- Tracy Lee Kelso, 50, has been charged with nine counts of sexual abuse, two counts of sodomy, and possession of child pornography. Kelso allegedly abused victims as young as four years old.

The parent of one of the victims is outraged. Kelso was released after being in jail just one day because the deputy district attorney didn't have the completed file to charge him.

Now the parents have learned Kelso may be offered a plea deal.

"Put him in front of a jury of his peers and let them decide, Joshua Hickman, a parent of one of the victims said." They can choose to convict him of all charges, they can choose what charges they have enough evidence to convict him on but at least in that case the DA can go to bed at night knowing he did everything he can for these victims."

Hickman says his daughter is terrified of facing Kelso and is upset the man who started abusing her when she was five is not in custody.

"Its just not that simple," District Attorney Paul Frasier said. "Yes he is accused of these crimes but lets say for example he is truly guilty. Is it better going to trial and possible loosing it or making him an offer and holding him accountable?"

Frasier said the other two victim's families are in agreement with the deal.

Kelso will be back in court September 5th for a change of plea hearing.

Joshua Hickman has started a petition on to convince the district attorney not to allow plea deals for crimes committed against children.