Dillian's Place: Effort underway to rename North Bend park after child who had disability

(Ross Recreation Equipment / Landscape Equipment)

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- An effort is being made to renovate Airport Heights Park in North Bend to make it an all-inclusive, all-access park for kids of all abilities.

The project is backed by City of North Bend, the Coos County Foster Parent Association and the Gray family.

The park would be renamed Dillian's Place after the Gray's late son who had a disability.

The budget for the project is $250,000-300,000.

Christina Gray says even one $10 donation will go far.

"We've known how hard it is to get some of those kids to the park and to be able to play side by side with their peers that maybe are more able-bodied than they are,” Dillain’s mom, Christina, said, “so when we lost our son, we thought it would be an amazing legacy project to be able to give the gift of play to all kids in our community."

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