Dirtiest thing in public not a bathroom door handle

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Do you ever wonder how dirty public areas can be?

Bathroom door handles, the public restroom in general?

Angelique Rivera is a prospective SWOCC student, and she does. "A lot of people touch them and you don't know who touches them, don't know if they wash their hands or not," she said.

With hundreds of people touching public areas, some people wanted to know what's growing on the things you touch most.

So, we set out to find the dirtiest public places around town.

Shopping carts, keyboards, money and ATM machines. You name it, we swabbed it.

We worked with the lab at the North Bend Medical Center.

What we found, or didn't find, might shock you. "I always avoid bathroom handles and surprisingly, no growth, wow," said Helen Coughlin. "People are touching those all the time."

But we did find staph and strep on almost everything.

They say those are typical bacteria found on your skin, but can be harmful to people with weak immune systems.

One of the dirtiest things we swabbed?

Something you take into your house every day: the bottom of your shoe.

It was crawling with fecal matter.

Coughlin says your best bet to stay healthy is washing your hands with soap and water, and keeping your hands away from your face.