District Attorney: Two arrested for homeless man's death

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Two men were arrested for murder Sunday afternoon in connection to the death of a 34-year-old homeless man, the Coos County District Attorney said.

The men were arrested Sunday afternoon after a day-long investigation into the death of a man found dead behind a Coos Bay warehouse early that morning.

At around 3 a.m. police received a call about a possible murder near 7th and Hemlock Ave. just off of Highway 101, the Coos County District Attorney said.

Responding officers said they found a man dead in the area behind a nearby warehouse.

The DA's Office said that the body belonged to Jesse Nathan Hayes, a 34-year-old homeless man.

The autopsy report confirmed Hayes was killed by a blow to the head. The report also stated that he sustained heavy blows to his head, chest, back and limbs.

District Attorney Paul Frasier said that investigators arrested Michael Lee Gertson, 31 at around 1:30 p.m. Sunday.

Nearly five hours later at 6:30 p.m. officers arrested 46-year-old Jesse Jack Longhenry, Coos Bay police said.

Both men were booked at the Coos County Jail on murder charges for their involvement in Hayes' death, officials said. Frasier said the men will likely be arraigned on Monday.

Frasier said investigators have one other person of interest in this case, but do not expect making any arrests tonight.

Law enforcement agencies across Coos County and state police are working the case.

Anyone with information about the death is asked to call Coos Bay police or Coos Stop Crime.

This is a developing story, updates can be found on this website or its television affiliate when they become available.