Do you believe in Santa Claws?

LAKESIDE, Ore.-- Many people believe that Mr. and Ms. Claus are an elderly couple that lives on top of the earth making Christmas toys for all the children of the world, but another claws-y couple lives on Oregon's South Coast.

Sitting between the books and computers, a male and female crab donning Christmas hats are on display at the Lakeside library.

Their names? Mr. and Ms. Claws.

"Actually, we've had little children come in, and they just get up so close to the tank the adults pull them away," said Patricia DeMeurichy, Eel Tenmile Step Group spokeswoman. "They have a great interest in the crabs."

But the crustaceous couple isn't just at the library for fun.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is testing public reaction to the hard-shelled duo. The Lakeside Library is the only library on the South Coast with an ODFW complaint and sponsored live marine tank.

During the 2012-2013 school year, ODFW wants to implement, with the help of the Eel Tenmile STEP group some marine-life education programs in some South Coast schools.

But for now, the Lakeside Library will continue to operate its highly popular marine life tank.

"It gives them opportunity to see a variety of fish and wildlife," said Nadine Goodrich, Lakeside Library Director. "We've had Schinook Salmon. We've had Steelhead. We've had crabs from larva stage little spinners."

Goodrich said the fish will return after the holiday season.

"After Mr. And Ms. Claws leave then we'll begin the cycle with fish all over again," she said.

ODFW hopes that in seeing the animals, children will become interested in wildlife careers and volunteering with the organization.

The crabby couple will be at the library through the holiday season.