Drivers: Watch out for trick-or-treaters

COQUILLE, Ore. -- Be sure to keep your Halloween party off the roads Wednesday night.

While there have been no fatal accidents for the last three years on Halloween night, the roads can turn deadly when drugs and alcohol are involved.

The DUI Task Force will be activated throughout the night.

Sgt. Pat Downing of the Coos County Sheriff's Office also remind you to be safe in neighborhoods where there will be trick-or-treaters.

"Because of a lot of the people and children that are out trick or treating, be aware of people that are out on the streets and sidewalks. A lot of times costumes are not brightly colored and they're hard to see. Witches wardrobes can be black, so they can easily blend in," Downing said.

The rain will make trick-or-treaters even less visible to drivers.

Downing says kids should have a flashlight or a glow stick, and they should try to wear bright colored costumes.