E-cig user: 'I can actually walk five miles now'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- It looks like smoke, but the owners of Dark Light Vapors say it isn't.

It is vapor, made from a vaporizor containing prolyene glycol.

The owners of Dark Light say it helps smokers quit, and is healthier than recent e-cigarette models. "They contain prolyene glycol, which is in your everyday foods," said Jason Witte. "Breathing prolyene glycol opens up your lungs."

The tobacco prevention coordinator for Coos County Public Health, Stephen Brown, says people who use e-cigarettes have a harder time quitting tobacco. "E-cigarettes are for the nicotine industry to get people addicted to nicotine, whether they help people quit smoking is uncertain," Brown said.

Dawn Panda uses the vaqpor cigs, and believes they do more good then harm. "I can actually walk five miles now," she said. "Do I think people who don't smoke should use them? Absolutely not. But they are a great thing for people who do."

The owners of Dark Light say that not all vapor juices contain nicotine. They have nicotine levels ranging from 24 ml, all the way down to to 0 ml.