Egyptian Theatre closer to opening their doors

COOS BAY, Ore. -- The doors to the Egyptian Theatre have been locked since 2011 due to structural concerns, but with a major phase of construction nearly complete, the public could see the doors back open as early as January.

The first phase of construction is the structural work, including roofing and reinforcing the foundation.

When that's finished, the building will be deemed safe for entry.

Randy Dixon, the operations administrator, says they are excited to get the doors open again. "Basically, they'll be able to open it up to the public and do shows as they did before we had to shut it down," he said.

Dixon says the buildings history makes things a little more difficult. "Not only do we have an old building, but we have a historical building, so there are certain things that we have to take in," he said. "So, in essence, when we do the renovations of the project we want to keep it to the historical nature as possible."

Along with continued construction, a transfer of ownership from the city to the Egyptian Theatre Preservation Association will be an ongoing process over the next three years.