Englewood Dike issues could cause significant damage to homes & property

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COOS BAY, Ore. -- The Englewood Dike may breach soon and that could cause significant flood damage to homes and property in the area.

The acting superintendent of the Englewood Diking District says the City of Coos Bay had initially planned create a boat launch.

The project was abandoned and now they must find a way to afford the rehabilitation.

For now, the district is trying to get a maintenance permit to fix the most affected areas.

"Once we get that maintenance project we can start patching some of the weaker areas,” said district superintendent Thomas Gollihur, “we know where they are because water flows through when the tides are high. When the winter storms come about, all we can do right now is clear the brush and put sand bags on top. We have $4,000 that we hope to patch the weak areas, but we can't do that until we get the maintenance permit."

He says the dike failed in 2006, causing dozens of homes to flood.

There are 25 houses are in the Englewood Dike District.

Amy Murphy's home and property will be one of those deeply affected if the dike fails once again.

"I'll lose my horses, my land and my home,” she said. “Everything is replaceable here, but loss of life and the damage to the suffering in general it causes, you can't replace that, you can't fix it."

Gollihur says they're not quite sure when the permit will be available.

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