'Every day when I look in the mirror, I'll see him'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- If you grew up in Coos Bay, you've heard of Boyd's Eastside Market, and you've probably also tasted Boyd's quality meats.

The man behind it all, John Boyd Duncan, died last week on his 75th birthday.

Boyd may have processed some quality products, but his life is what left the biggest impression.

John Duncan is Boyd's son, and he says his father had a quality that many people today lack. "I know very few people that my dad did not like, and I know of absolutely no one that he wouldn't go and sit down and talk with like he'd known them all his life."

Boyd spent time sharing the gospel with inmates at the Coos County Jail.

Kip Johnson, a friend of Boyds through the Gideon's Ministry, says he was a genuine person. "People enjoyed having him come and talk with them because he was very real, very personable about the way he shared and the way he shared Christ with people," Kip said.

Members of the Eastside Christian Assembly say Boyd's death has been a blow to the congregation. "We appreciate him in the church and it's going to be a terrible loss, we really are missing him already," said Pastor Betty Bazzell.

John says his father made not only business, but himself, what he is today. "He'll always be the man that gave me the values that make up who I am, and everyday will be difficult because every day when I look in the mirror, I'll see him."

His son plans to continue selling Boyd's quality meats, keeping his father's legacy alive.