Face Rock brings the cheese back to Bandon

BANDON, Ore. -- Cheese making has been a tradition in Bandon for hundreds of years, and Face Rock Creamery brought home a first place trophy from what they say is the 'Oscars of cheese making.'

The local creamery is open and they say they're bigger and better than ever. "I knew that we were going to be a success, but to have it happen this early is amazing," said president Greg Drobot.

VP Daniel Graham says he has seen happy customers coming in and out of the shop. "I've had people come to the cash register, and I'm not making this up, they cry because it's back open and they have a cheese factory back in Bandon," he said.

Last weekend, the creamery took first place at the largest cheese competition in North America.

With a name like 'Vampire Slayer,' the curds creamed the competition. "Thinking that we had a lot of garlic in it, which should offend any vampires in the vicinity," said Brad Sinko, the master cheese maker.

When you win in a state that's known for it's cheese, victory is that much sweeter. "The fact that we did it in Wisconsin is pretty big," said Sinko.

The owners say they're going to be coming up with a new holiday batch soon.