Fake $50 bills being passed in Coos County

COQUILLE, Ore. -- Police say some counterfeit $50 bills are being used in Coos County.

Coquille police say the fake fifties were previously $5 bills.

Chief Janice Blue tells us the bills have been bleached and dried to look like a fifty.

A local business owner got one of the bad bills and called police.

"The issue was, the bill was torn so the subject asked them to tape it. Well, she just happened to run the counterfeit detecting pen across it and said, "by the way, this is counterfeit," and that's how it happened," Blue said. "It's as innocent as that, and it doesn't mean necessarily that that person is the suspect, they could have the bill in their possession because they got it somewhere else."

Chief Blue says if you have any doubt the money is fake, don't accept it and call the Coquille Police Department.