Family day at the gun range: 'She loves them'

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. - Michael Myhre says shooting firearms is a tradition in his family.

He went shooting with his dad, and now his 3-year-old daughter Easton loves to shoot guns with him.

"She loves them," he said. "She always wants to go bear hunting with me. We go hunting, we go shooting all the time as a family."

Officials with the Roseburg Police Department said teaching your kids how to be safe around firearms can be a good thing.

"Then it's not a mystery to the child," said Sgt. Jeff Eichenbusch of the Roseburg Police Department. "When they have someone that does have experience or knowledge that can help them be safer, so they actually know what to do and know how to handle them."

Sgt. Eichenbusch cautioned that people still need to take precautions when you have kids and guns in the home, especially if that child is too young to make proper decisions.

Myhre said his family enjoys shooting together, and he wants his daughter to respect firearms. "I'd rather have them know how to use it properly than to be scared of it," he said.

Myhre said he has taught his daughter to never point a gun at a person and to only point a gun at the intended target.

If you are interested in teaching your child gun safety and shooting, there are local programs that can help, like the Eddie Eagle program through the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

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