Ferry Creek Dam in Bandon sprung a leak

BANDON, Ore. -- One of the two dams that supply water to the City of Bandon is leaking, and the fix isn't going to be cheap.

The Ferry Creek Dam in Bandon has a hole, and officials say it's leaking water.

One of two dams in Bandon, the Ferry Creek Dam is owned by ODFW.

The water supplies both a fish hatchery and the City of Bandon. "It's a problem, particularly when you only have two dams and all of our water, our drinking water, comes out of those two dams," said Bandon City Manager Matt winkle.

Engineers from both the city and ODFW are working to see how to fix it.

Officials say it could cost anywhere from $20,000 to fix the leak, to more than $600,000 to reconstruct the dam. "There's money available right now according to the ODFW to do the repair, assuming that their engineers accept that repair, but they have no idea where the money's going to come from or would come from if they had to replace the dam," Winkle said.

At this time, officials with the city say they aren't worried about a shortage of water, but they do have ordinances in place if they needed to conserve or ration the water. "It's an emergency in terms of having to get something done," Winkle said.