Final piece of tsunami dock removed from Oregon beach

NEWPORT, Ore. - The final piece of a concrete dock that floated from Japan to an Oregon beach is on its way to be salvaged.

Crews cut the dock, which broke free from a Japanese fishing port during last year's tsunami, into five pieces and hauled them away by truck.

They worked with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to confirm that no invasive species were inside or under the 188-ton dock.

Thousands of people visited the beach this week to see the dock and watch the salvage effort.

"While no marine salvage is normal, this well-built dock and its relation to the tragedy that hit Japan last year will be remembered," said Scott Korab, the project manager for the removal.

Crew members took the dock to Sherwood, southwest of Portland, where it will be broken down into gravel. The City of Newport is working with Ballard Diving and Salvage to get a key portion of the dock for a memorial.