Flower shop helps Publishers Clearing House connect with winner

NORTH BEND, Ore. - A North Bend flower shop received an unexpected order from Publishers Clearing House last week.

Mary Ihry won 2 $10,000 checks for being a loyal Facebook fan.

But when sweepstakes officials arrived to ihry's home, the house seemed abandoned.

Bev's Flowers displayed the checks hoping someone would recognize the name.

Robbyn Repp recounted how the connection was made.

"Two customers came in and said, 'Hey, we know that person. It's one of our clients,' and I'm like, 'Well, we're trying to find her.' 'No, that's not really real,' and I said, 'It is. Publishers Clearing House, it's really real.' 'No - she really won that money?' And I said, 'Yeah, she won two checks. I bet she's just so excited. I just can't believe it."

Turns out, Ihry had been out of town for the past few months. She was flying into town Friday and will be presented with her checks on Monday.