Full day kindergarten approved for Coos Bay

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Coos Bay kindergartners can say they're big kids now, after the school board unanimously approved all-day kindergarten starting next year.

The change comes two years before a state mandated switch, and it has some parents in Coos Bay pleased. "They're just grateful for the opportunity for their children to get that added education," said Arlene Roblan, the Madison Elementary Principal.

She says research shows kids enrolled in all day kindergarten do better in reading and other subjects. "They'll be able to not just do more, they'll be able to dig deeper so the concepts and skills will get more embedded with the children," said Roblan.

Roblan says the district doesn't foresee any cause for concern, and believes students will have an easy time adapting to the longer school days.

Unlike in other districts, children who enroll in full day kindergarten in the Coos Bay School District will do so at no additional charge.