Game park gets new cubs

BANDON, Ore.-- A trip to the West Coast Game Park in Bandon will get you up close and personal with a herd of new animal cubs.

Dozens of people packed the park Thursday to get a peak at the baby fox, bobcat, bear and cougar cubs.

The lead handler says although they are young each cub has completely different needs.

Even he can't get over just how cute some of these little guys are.

Six week old cougar cub, Coco, was a crowed favorite. She currently lives 24 hours a day with lead handler Jason Dougherty.

"It's incredible working with her and it is the first time I have worked with a cougar, they are definitely a joy to work with," Dougherty said. "She is one of the cutest cubs that I have ever worked with. Very playful but at time very, very stubborn as well. Cougars are known for that, they can be a very stubborn cat."

The park will be showing the cubs for the next few months.