"Good driving spawns more good driving" in Oregon

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- With the holiday driving season in full swing, Oregon drivers can breathe a sigh of relief after a new car insurance study ranked the state as the fifth safest for driving in the U.S.

States were ranked by, with data compiled from The National Transpiration Safety Administration, American Motorists Association and Mother Against Drunk Driving.

The total number of traffic fatalities, traffic tickets, drunk driving charges, failures to obey traffic laws and careless driving incidents in each state were compared with miles driven.

"Good driving spawns more good driving," said Springfield Police Officer Richard Jones. "So the drivers in this state are really conscientious about the laws and about being safe."

In addition to conscientious drivers, Jones said Oregon has stricter traffic laws that make the state safer for driving: seat belt laws, hands-free enforcement and slower speed limits, to name a few.

"There've been numerous studies over the years that have shown that the higher the speed on the highway, the more severe injuries are to people who are involved in accidents on the highways," said Jones.

He said he's noticed Oregon drivers tend to hold one another accountable.

"With the advent of cell phones, we get a lot of calls through the 911 center of people who may be potentially drunk drivers or reckless drivers," said Jones.

"We get calls like that everyday," he added. "And it helps us keep the roads safe."

But, Jones said drivers shouldn't get caught up in a high ranking and forget about what really matterssafety on the road.

"It's nice that we are on the top of that list, but we need to keep on top of things," said Jones.