Good Samaritan helps rescue dog from hot car in Springfield parking lot

(SBG image)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Springfield Police saved a puppy from a hot car at Riverbend Hospital Friday afternoon.

Police say it's all thanks to a good Samaritan in the area who heard barking coming from the parking lot.

Police say a patient being treated in the emergency room left his nine-week-old pit bull in a car for 45 minutes.

The windows were barely cracked open and officers say the inside of the car reached 127 degrees.

A woman whose family was at the hospital saw the puppy and called police.

Officers arrived in minutes and busted open the window, freeing the dog.

"I was a little angry,” said Rhonda Dow, who found the puppy in the car. “I know that we have the right to break the window but I was hesitant about that, so I wanted the proper authorities to do that, you know, but I didn't want the dog to die…you know, why would someone do this? We know it’s not good."

The puppy was returned to its owner, but police say he’s been charged with animal neglect in the second degree.

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