Graffiti in high school bathroom: 'I am going to bomb the school'

ALBANY, Ore. - Police swept South Albany High School looking for threats after graffiti found on a bathroom wall Tuesday threatened violence against the school.

"I am going to bomb the school on Jan 29 2014 Be ready South!!! I won't say what time! It will be a surprise," the graffiti read, according to school officials.

"We have had the police sweep the buildings tonight," Principal Brent Belveal told parents in an email Tuesday night. "We will work together with APD (Albany Police Department) tomorrow and will sweep them again before students arrive in the morning, and we will have a significant APD presence on campus as an additional intervention."

Belveal said school staff and police agreed the graffiti was "an effort to gain attention and to disrupt final exams and is not a true threat."

Belveal released a photo of the graffiti, as well as a closeup of the "unique signature line."

"If you recognize the hand writing or the signature, we would appreciate any information assisting with identifying the person responsible," the principal said.

"We are actively investigating to determine the student responsible for this graffiti and believe we will determine suspects quickly through the video system in place in this area of the building."