Grand jury indicts three teens accused of torturing another teen

PORTLAND, Ore. - A grand jury has indicted three teenagers accused of torturing another teen.

The three teens will go before a judge Wednesday to face a host of charges, including second-degree assault, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery and criminal conspiracy to commit kidnapping in the first degree.

Three boys and a girl were arrested last week. The youngest is 14 years old.

Jenna Jean Montgomery, 15, Jess Taylor, 17, Blue Christian James Kalmbach, 15, are all now charged as adults for Measure 11 crimes. They were initially arraigned in Juvenile Court last Tuesday.

The 14-year-old is charged as a juvenile and will remain in the juvenile system. His birthday is not until next month so he just missed facing possible Measure 11 charges. He was not indicted by the grand jury Tuesday.

Police said the four teenagers lured another teen to a shed in Southeast Portland on Monday, Feb. 10 and tortured him for several hours.

Sources say that the attackers were upset because their victim called another student "gay" on Facebook.

The victim's mother told KATU last week that her son was hit in the head with a crowbar, pistol whipped, shot in the chest and groin and then had a swastika carved in his head.

Kelli Murrain, the mother of the victim, 16-year-old Dustyn Murrain, told KATU News her son is no bully.

She told KATU News, on Tuesday night, after the indictments became public, "In black and white, it looks a whole lot better than when you're looking at your kid in the hospital bruised and covered in blood."

Murrain said she can't understand how anyone could think it was OK to kidnap and torture her son regardless of what he might have said about them.

She's the first to admit her son is no angel - she said he's struggled academically.

But she doesn't buy the accused teenagers claims, that Dustyn had bullied them by calling someone gay.

The family moved him out of the city for his own safety. Murrain said her son's physical injuries are healing though he still has headaches, and is working with a doctor to get the swastika to heal on his head and not leave a scar. She said he's has nightmares about what he endured.

Each teen indicted by the grand jury Tuesday is being held on nearly $3 million bail.