Grandmother delivers own grandson on the side of highway

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A grandmother gave her daughter a special and speedy delivery Tuesday morning.

She helped her give birth on the side of a highway. The baby was in a rush to see the world during rush hour.

It should have taken Melissa Ducham 30 minutes to get from Scappoose, where her daughter Courtney Ossig lives, to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Southwest Portland. But Ossig's baby had other plans.

Ossig said she went in to labor around 8 a.m. She made arrangements for a friend to drive her from her home in Scappoose to a Fred Meyer on Highway 30.

Ducham, who lives in Hillsboro, picked up Ossig and her partner Tony Harlan about an hour later at the Fred Meyer. Within minutes, they were pulled over on the side of the road, Ducham was calling 911, and the birth was happening.

"I think at that point once she pushed that first push she started to calm down. And it was one more push. Within 30 seconds he was out. It was absolutely amazing. It's something we will never forget. It was amazing," said Ducham.

Paramedics showed up a few minutes after baby Anthony Harlan was born.

He's Ossig's third child, and Ducham's seventh grandchild.

Baby Anthony weighed seven pounds three ounces, and is 19 inches long. He wasn't due until Sunday, June 29.

The family isn't sure exactly what time Anthony was born because of how is birth happened. They didn't find out he was a boy until they were at the hospital.

Ducham said that's because no one thought to look while they were on the side of the road. The family was too concerned with making sure both Ossig and her newborn were fine.