Graveyard Carz: 'American Choppers' meets 'American Pickers'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Springfield has some reality TV stars in the making as "Graveyard Carz" season two is scheduled to premiere on Velocity by Discovery.

The show is all about restoring classic cars and is produced from top to bottom at Welby's Collision Center on Main Street in Springfield.

"The premise for the show, that we bring dead cars back to life, is an engaging idea," said Welby's owner Mark Worman, also the show's star.

Worman told KVAL News the reality show could be best described as "American Choppers meets American Pickers."

"I wanted more of a docudrama," said Worman at his shop on Main Street Friday afternoon. "I wanted one that followed the lives of us four bananas trying to put cars together in our own way."

While the show's characters are seasoned auto restoration professionals, they're also becoming self-proclaimed reality TV production experts and stars: they shoot, edit and package their product for a worldwide audience at the collision center.

"It is a bad economy out there," said Worman. "The actors out there in Hollywood aren't getting the big money that they were getting before, and I think that networks are looking at reality TV as a way to make affordable TV for them so they can make the profits they used to make back in the heyday."

Worman said he was paid $500 an episode for season one of "Graveyard Carz."

"We basically gave it away for free," he said, but added that all the work was worth it.

Worman said season one of "Graveyard Carz" reached 150 million homes in 40 countries. He said he expects season two to do even better.

"Graveyard Carz" season two premieres Januar 8th at 6 p.m. on Velocity by Disccovery. For many TV viewers in the Willamette Valley, that is channel 711 on Comcast cable and channel 364 for Dish subscribers.