'He was out to shoot everybody. He was on his warpath'

COOS BAY, Ore. - Mark MacPherson kept one of the slugs and one of the shotgun pellets that tore holes through his van early Tuesday morning.

"I was sleeping right underneath it. It had to have gone right over my head," he said. "I had glass all over my face."

MacPherson was in 1 of the 5 vehicles shot at by 34-year-old Zachary Levi Brimhall of Dillard near Bastendorff Beach.

The shooting killed one of the sleeping victims: David Jesse Hortman, 43, of Michigan.

Brimhall later shot and killed himself.

His father was found shot dead about 50 miles away.

"The way it went down, he was out to shoot everybody. He was on his warpath. He didn't care about anybody," MacPherson said of the shooter.

"Unfortunately one person didn't make it. It could have been more. It could have been a lot more. He was in a rush - and good thing he was because the rest of us lived."

MacPherson shared his story with photojournalist Loren Ruark.

"About 1:10 in the morning, I woke up when I heard a couple thumps," MacPherson said. "I didn't know what it was. I thought somebody was throwing rocks at me. Then the rear window got shattered.

"I had an officer who told me, 'You're really lucky to be alive'," he said. "He just had this bewildered look on his face like there's some reason I'm here.

"When your number is up, it is - but mine apparently was not. God didn't want me yet."

The gunfire tore holes in the sides of MacPherson's van and shattered a side and rear window.

"It could definitely kill somebody. It shredded it like paper," MacPherson said, pointing at the holes where some of the slugs exited the van. "I am lucky to be alive. I am very lucky."