Heat hits Oregon: 'It's gorgeous summer's finally here!'

EUGENE, Ore. -- As the start of summer weather hits the state people from central and southern Oregon joined those out at the south coast in finding ways to enjoy the sunshine.

After the rain that started off the week, those in the southern Willamette Valley area went out to enjoy the sunny weather any way they could.

"It's gorgeous summer's finally here! I'm really excited to get out and enjoy it," said Jamie Shack, a Eugene resident out enjoying the sun.

To beat the heat families slathered on the sunscreen and went out to the water parks.

"He's got a rash guard on, he's got shorts, sunscreen and a big ol' hat and sunglasses," Shack said, pointing out her son playing in the fountains at Washington Park.

Others like Jillian Edwards tried to keep cool at their local pool.

"It's soothing and you get to go around, and its nice and cold," said Edwards.

While there were above average temperatures in the Willamette Valley, thermometers climbed even higher in Douglas County.

Roseburg residents were splashing through the Umpqua Friday afternoon, trying to take the edge off of the sweltering temperatures. The same water that can be a summer sanctuary can also be dangerous. That's why swimmers like Jayd Thomas said it's best to stick to the shallow side and stay safe.

"That current the closest one. I try not to go past that," Thomas said.

Those seeking refuge in the cooler, mid-70 degree temperatures headed out to the south coast. Even though the beach provided some relief, visitors like Layne Philips still thought it necessary to get their toes wet.

"We're just enjoying this beautiful summer weather and appreciating every great summer day that we have here on the Oregon coast," Philips said.

Bill Bart said he couldn't picture a better way to spend the day at Sunset Bay Beach in Coos Bay.

"Natural air conditioning, watching the kids play over here," said Bart. "They looked happy and it's just a beautiful place to be."