Hill hopping: 'Driving fast is really fun but it's not worth the risk'

SALEM, Ore. - Remember that crash in Salem where four Sprague High School students went airborne while 'hill hopping' and the driver ended up impaled by a fence post?

You don't? Well, here's a reminder:

There's obviously a lesson to be learned from what happened, but how do you get teenagers to truly understand how a thrill ride can turn to a nightmare in an instant?

Well, if you're a trauma nurse you can shock them with some gruesome photos.

A six-minute video focusing on this particular crash shows the teenagers' injuries in detail - the fence pole that went through the driver and the girl who ended up with a nasty slice out of her leg. It's narrated by the kids involved in the crash and is shown to students as part of a program called Trauma Nurses Talk Tough.

"I was just pinned there," the driver who was impaled, Joshua Martinson, says in the video. He's describing the crash that sent a fence pole right through his shoulder. "It (the pole) went through my seat, through the back seat and then through the trunk of the car and hit the bumper and knocked it off."

Martinson said he couldn't move much and was "very, very scared." He did manage to call his mom.

"I called my mom while I was sitting in the driver's seat," he says in the video. "I said 'mom.' And she said 'yeah.' And I said 'I was really stupid and I crashed the car.' And she's like 'really?' And she's like 'are you OK?' And I said 'I have a pole going through my shoulder.' "

"I lost complete control of the car and there was nothing I could do," Martinson said. One of his passengers ended up with a deep gash in her leg right above her knee. It went right to the bone.

Martinson said he not only felt bad about what happened to him, but also regretted what he did to his friends. The overall message in the video is clear - playing with speed is very dangerous - and the teens don't want anyone to go through what they did.

"Driving fast is really fun but it's not worth the risk at all," Martinson says in the video. "The pain I went through and the pain I put my friends through - don't ever do it. It's not worth it."

The four Salem teenagers were lucky to survive.

In another crash just last month in Jefferson, Ore., a young man wasn't so fortunate. Nicolas Jolly, 19, was killed when he drove 100 mph over a hill nicknamed 'Roller Coaster Hill' and crashed.

Two passengers survived. Juan Barrera was one of them. He not only lost his friend, but was badly injured in the crash. After what happened he said "it was fun at the moment, but it never turns out to be fun."