How to keep your 4th of July fireworks safe and legal in Oregon

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Fireworks stands across the state are open for business, supplying Oregonians eager to celebrate Independence Day with all sorts of things that spark.

Government officials want to remind people of the restrictions to those looking to light up the night sky on the Fourth of July.

Stands can only sell fireworks that are legal within the state; meaning they don't explode, travel more than a foot or shoot over 6 feet off the ground.

If you are going to an Oregon beach, park or campground for the holiday you should leave the sparklers at home as fireworks are prohibited in those spaces.

Anyone who breaks the rules with fireworks in Oregon could face fines or jail time. Violators must also pay for any damages caused by an illegal firework.

Fire officials say those rules are put in place to keep the public safe.

Coos Bay Fire Battalion Chief Dan McAvoy suggests people light fuses with a lighting stick or "punk" instead of matches.

"When you're setting them off, avoid places that have grass. Especially tall grass or bushes or things like that. Try to stay out on the pavement when you set them off," Battalion Chief McAvoy said, "Also when you're setting them off, be sure and have a bucket half-filled with water so you can put all the used fireworks and all the matches to soak overnight before you throw them out."