Hundreds turn out for gun rally in Salem

Hundreds of people showed their support for gun rights in Oregon by gathering outside the state capitol in Salem Sunday.

Protesters said they oppose an upcoming bill stiffening gun regulations in Oregon.

The legislation would expand background check requirements to include private gun sales.

Blake Metz disagrees with the bill, which is expected to be introduced during the next legislative session.

"We are not here to harm anybody," he said. Metz, a father of two, was standing alongside his wife and two young daughters.

He said some people have the wrong idea about gun owners.

"A lot of people think we leave [guns] lying around. [That's] very very irresponsible. Especially with two kids, you have to be extremely cautious."

Other gun owners at the rally said they feel misunderstood.

"They're going to equate guns with violence, and that gun owner are violent people, which are absolutely not true," said Daniel Hoskins, who brought his daughter to the rally.

Moriah, 16, said it's feminist to support women and guns.

"I feel women should be able to carry guns to protect ourselves," she said. "That's a woman protecting herself."