Ice carving team brings home award

COOS COUNTY, Ore. -- The Oregon Coast Culinary Institute's ice carving team is back from the world championships, and they've brought some medals back with them.

Instructors Chris Foltz and Woojay Poynter, along with students Jillian Howell and Amelia Rombach took second place in the multi-block competition.

The girls were the only students from the area to compete.

"When they called our name, when they called our site number, we all started jumping up and down," Howell said. "There was nothing that can come close to that feeling at all, ever."

Foltz says as an instructor, it's just as satisfying. "It's just as exciting for me as it is for them," he said. "I just hide it a little better. So, to see them without a filter is pretty awesome. It's great to see."

The girls say this win will help them find jobs.

Foltz says he's already planning for next year.