'I'm trying to help them out to have a good Christmas'

NORTH BEND, Ore. - Imran Ali has a Christmas tree lot in North Bend, and he's been giving trees away for free to families who wouldn't otherwise have one this year.

"People cannot afford right now. It's harder times," he said. "So I'm trying to help them out to have a good Christmas."

Ali said he's had family after family come through to pick out a tree to have somewhere to put their presents

"We had a lady with six kids come over here, and she said she bought a present but cannot afford the tree," Ali said. "He said you're doing a good job for the community giving trees away so I can go have a tree and a present under the Christmas tree."

A father himself, Ali said he wants to help make sure children in the community get a visit from Santa.

Third-grader Coravan Allen agreed.

"I think Santa's going to come," she said. "We can have a Christmas tree."

Ali's even offered to deliver.

"That's like an over blessing," said Debbie Glick of North Bend. "I just have a little car and so instead of trying to cram it in, they're going to deliver it, so it's a double blessing all the way around."