Jets to fly out of North Bend airport this summer

NORTH BEND, Ore. -- For North Bend passengers who aren't fans of propeller planes and who feel the need for a bit more speed, their wants are coming true.

Regional jet service is expected to begin at the Southwest Oregon Regional Airport this June.

Skywest Airlines, who operate as United Express has agreed to begin flying the CRJ-200 out of North Bend during this year's summer travel season.

Getting regional jet service to the airport was a goal the airport set for itself earlier this year.

Officials with the airport believe the jet will secure commercial air service to the airport in the future.

Theresa Cook, the airport director, says they are looking forward to the progress having jets fly in and out will bring to the airport. "It's exciting to get the jet back again because the more often that the jet is operating in North Bend, the more viable that jet is going to be in the future for us, because the Embraers will be fading away over the next few years," she said. "So, we want the airline industry to know that we can handle jets in our city."

In the past couple of years, Skywest has strictly flown the Embraer 120, a propeller plane that can seat 39 passengers.

In just a couple of months, a 50 seat regional jet will take over a summer travel leg through the month of November.

Passengers told KCBY News that they are excited about the change.