'Keep Kids Safe' license plate in danger

      EUGENE, Ore. - A license plate the sales of which benefit the Children's Trust Fund of Oregon is in danger of being discontinued.

      The Keep Kids Safe debuted in October 2012. As of Monday, Oregon DMV had sold 443 of the first 700 sets produced.

      The plates need to hit a 500-set minimum by October 31 to remain active.

      If DMV doesn't sell another 57 sets of the plates by then, the plate will go inactive and DMV will sell through the remainder of the initial 700-plate run, explained David J. House with the Oregon DOT.

      Changes in license plate printing technology have allowed Oregon to produce dozens of different specialty license plates in recent years.

      If the Keep Kids Safe plate does go inactive, it won't be alone, House said.

      The following group plates that are inactive but we are still selling until DMV runs out:

      Paralyzed Vets
      Oregon State Elks
      Lions Club of America
      Oregon Agriculture
      University of Portland
      Willamette University
      Oregon Masonic Family
      Eastern Oregon University

      Other group plates have gone inactive and are no longer available:

      Pearl Harbor
      Support Our Troops
      Chosen Few
      Volunteer Firefighters
      Oregon Donor
      George Fox College
      Korean War Veteran (Now a Veterans Recognition plate option)
      Square/Round Dancers
      Western Oregon University
      Linfield College
      Pacific University
      Oregon Grange