'Kermit's Krew' to watch record attempt

COOS BAY, Ore. -- 78-year-old Kermit Walker is no stranger to holding world records.

For 12 years he was ranked 1st and 2nd in the triple jump.

He's currently ranked third, and he's trying to break the record once again.

Kermit says he is all about promoting fitness, he even teaches a class for older adults.

Tully Strong is one of Walker's students. "He energizes us, he's a role model, he's such a great example," Strong said.

Walker credits a healthy diet and excerise for his longevity. "This is why it's very important thing no matter what age you are, we all need a fitness program," he said.

He has been an inspiration not only for his students, but other athletes.

He's been the assistant track coach at SWOCC for 17 years.

Dan Neal, the head track coach at SWOCC, says the athletes respond well to Walker. "Being rated in the top for his age group and stuff, the kids just really work hard for him," Neal said.

After class, Kermit works towards something a little bit longer. "Where I work on my hop, my step, then my jump," he said.

He's only 33.2 feet away from reaching his goal. "So, I'm so close, but so far away."

If you want to be a part of 'Kermit's Krew' and watch him make the jump, it's going to be happening on Saturday at the Prefontaine Masters & Open Track Meet.