Kids get hands-on experience with surgical robot 'Surgio'

COOS BAY, Ore. -- Bay Area Hospital had a naming contest for their new surgical robot, and the winning classes got to meet the robot in person Monday.

Many names were pitched, but in the end, 'Surgio' was chosen and the winning classrooms from Millicoma and Lighthouse got to meet him.

They got some hands on experience and learned just how Surgio operates.

Alissa Richardson, a 4th grader at Lighthouse School, says it was neat to see it in action. "It was different than I expected, it was cool and it was something I've never done before, a new experience," she said.

The students put on scrubs and pretended they were surgeons for the day, seeing first hand how impressive Surgio is. "I learned that it's easier to do surgery when you have Surgio, and that it heals faster," said Aurora Osborn, another 4th grader from Lighthouse School.

"It was cool that you could actually control it, and that's how the surgeons do it," Richardson said.

With only a select number of surgeons who are trained to perform robot assisted surgeries, getting to test out Surgio would be a rare experience for anybody. "It was never something that I thought I would ever do in my life," said Richardson.

Along with learning about Surgio, the students were taught about other professions in the medical field and the possibility of maybe becoming Surgio's co-worker in the future.