Lane County man may have West Nile virus

EUGENE, Ore. - A Lane County man contracted the West Nile virus from a mosquito bite, most likely while out of the area, Lane County Health confirmed.

To date, no humans have contracted the West Nile virus in Lane County, according to state records.

Lane County Health said tests found West Nile in the man. The State of Oregon is still conducting tests to confirm the county's tests.

The man may have got the disease while in Malheur County, where 9 people have got the disease this year, the county said. The man has the worst, most advanced form of the disease, which affects the brain.

The risk to the public is minimal. Health officials said the likelihood of a mosquito biting someone who is infected with the disease and spreading it to another human is very small.

If confirmed, this would be the second Lane County resident to get the virus while out of the area. The other case was confirmed in 2012.

A Linn County resident also tested positivie for West Nile this year but got the virus while out of the area.

Nine residents of Malheur County and one Harney County resident contracted West Nile in Eastern Oregon this year.

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