Large Japanese tsunami debris washes ashore in Coos County

HORSFALL BEACH, Ore.- Beachgoers at Horsfall Beach in Coos County were able to see what is believed to be some of the largest tsunami debris to wash ashore so far in Coos County.

The debris takes the shape of two large rusty storage tanks that are welded together, but many who saw the debris up close say it appears to be the under portion of a dock.

While reporting on the story, KCBY Reporter Ricky Maranon, who is 5 foot 7 inches tall, says the dock stood taller than he was and was longer than two minivans.

Around 7 Tuesday morning, Mast Brothers Towing Company in Reedsport used construction equipment to tow the large object off the beach. They then placed in on a semi-truck and took it to their yard lot in downtown Reedsport.

The company says it is one of the only few companies on the South Coast that can actually tow large objects off the beach, and it is ready to tow more debris if it arrives.

Mast Brothers says it will try to scrap the debris.